N. Korea fires short-range missiles

N. Korea fires short-range missiles


North Korea has fired several short-range 'projectiles' from its east coast, the South Korean military said, as analysts felt the country is stepping up pressure against the United States after its failed nuclear summit in Hanoi.

The South Korean military initially described it as a missile launch, but subsequently gave a more vague description.If the projectiles were missiles, it would be the first missile launch since the North fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in November 2017. Soon after that missile test, the North declared that its nuclear force was complete, after which Pyongyang extended an olive branch to the South and the US.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff office said the North fired several short-range projectiles from north of the east coast city of Wonsan around 9 a.m. which flew about 70 km to 200 km in a north-easterly direction.It was conducting joint analysis with the US of the latest launches and experts say the projectiles seem to be multiple rocket launchers, not ballistic missiles.