Venezuela: Maduro suggests US would use ‘Slaughter’ for Military intervention

Venezuela: Maduro suggests US would use ‘Slaughter’ for Military intervention

Agency News

Caracas, May 2 : Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro suggested that if the conflict in Venezuela escalated and turned violent, the United States would use this massacre to launch a military intervention in the South American country.
On Tuesday, the country’s opposition, led by Washington-backed self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, initiated a fresh coup attempt in a bid to oust Maduro from power. The government, however, subsequently said that the coup attempt had failed.
"They the opposition want to lead us to a civil war. I am asking what would happen, if we sent tanks, armored vehicles and specials forces that we have? There would be a slaughter among Venezuelans and Washington would celebrate and order beginning of a military intervention in order to occupy the land of Bolivar," Maduro said in an address at a Labor Day demonstration in Caracas.
The president argued that the main goal of the opposition’s coup attempt on Tuesday was to initiate a civil war.
Tensions in Venezuela have been high since January, when Guaido proclaimed himself the interim president and was supported by the United States and its allies. Maduro, in its turn, was back by Russia and China, among other states, as the only legitimate president of Venezuela. (UNI)