Socialist International welcomes Socialists’ win in Spain

Socialist International welcomes Socialists’ win in Spain

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Madrid, Apr 30 : The Socialist International (SI), a worldwide association of political parties which seek to establish democratic socialism, has welcome the Socialists' electoral victory in Spain. The Socialist International Secretary-General was together with the comrades from the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party ) on the election night. “We made it happen!” said PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez to party members gathered in the PSOE headquarters in Madrid after the election results were known.

The victory of Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE in Spain is an important moment for the political family of the Socialist International and for social democracy, said the Democracy International's Secretary-General. The Spanish socialists have won these elections, their first in over ten years, with a strong commitment to social democratic values, as Sánchez pointed out, to social justice, to the fight against inequality, to coexistence, and to clean politics by ending corruption.

The high level of turn out, over 75pc of the electorate, adds to the victory and is a positive reflection of the democracy that has reigned in Spain for forty years.
Under the leadership of Pedro Sánchez, the PSOE’s unwavering commitment and adherence to the fundamental values and principles of democratic socialism has been a key element in their electoral success. In these times of multiple challenges, with the rise of nationalism, populism and discrimination, this victory is a victory for social democrats everywhere and a particular source of encouragement for those in Europe. (UNI)