Sri Lanka to restructure security agencies, toll rises to 359

Sri Lanka to restructure security agencies, toll rises to 359

Agency News

Colombo, Apr 24: Sri Lanka will restructure its police and other branches of the security apparatus within a week following a series of terrorist bombings in the island-nations which has claimed 359 lives. President Maithripala Sirisena announced this while addressing the nation on Tuesday night in the wake of Sunday’s explosions targeting several churches and hotels.

The attacks were claimed on Tuesday by the Islamic State militant group. Sirisena said he would take stern action against officials who failed to heed and act on warnings from intelligence agencies from a friendly neighbouring country about the threat of an attack.

“The information received from the state intelligence agencies of that country was not passed on to me by relevant officials. If they had done so, I would have taken immediate action. I have decided to take strict action against those who failed in their duty,” he said. He said eight countries with experience, intelligence skills and high technology capabilities to fight terrorism have assured that they would provide assistance in the fight against terrorism. “I amconfident that with such reorganization of the security sector and with the assistance of foreign expertise, the threat of terrorism could be curbed soon,” he added.

The president assured that the limited emergency regulations imposed on Monday night will only be used to apprehend terror suspects and ensure security and they will not be used to curtail the freedom of the people or democratic rights. (UNI)