S Korea: 5 killed in dagger attack following arson

S Korea: 5 killed in dagger attack following arson

Agency News

Seoul, Apr 17 : At least five people were killed while 13 others sustained injuries as a man indiscriminately stabbed fleeing people after setting fire to an apartment building in South Korea's southeastern region early on Wednesday, local media reported.

The 42-year-old man set aflame his own house on the fourth floor of the apartment in Jinju, near capital Seoul, at about 0429 hrs local time. Waiting on the second-floor stairways wielding a knife, the man stabbed residents coming out of their houses to evacuate.

Five residents were stabbed to death, including a 12-year-old girl. Eight of the wounded were taken to nearby hospitals after breathing in smoke or getting shocked with the knife-wielding incident. The fire was extinguished about 20 minutes later.

The suspect was apprehended at the scene some 20 minutes after the arson.Police fired blanks, bullets and tasers, but he was not hit. After the apprehension, he told police that he committed the crimes out of grievances against his overdue wage.

As the suspect was a jobless man, the police were verifying his health record. He reportedly had a history of mental illness. UNI