Five ships dock at Iran’s Chabahar Port

Five ships dock at Iran’s Chabahar Port

Agency News

Tehran, Apr 13 : Five cargo ships with different consignments arrived at Chabahar Port, southeastern Iran, on Friday, a senior official said.

According to a Mehr News agency report, the Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organisation of Sistan and Baluchistan, Behrouz Aghaei, said that the strategic port of Chabahar received five ships carrying consumer and non-consumer commodities on Friday.

The official did not provide details about the names and the origin of the vessels. He went on to add, however, that three of the ships were carrying essential goods and two others were loaded with petroleum products.

Aghaei noted that the comprehensive plans to promote the throughput of the strategic port, including the special tariff discounts, have helped attract many businesses to Chabahar Port.

Chabahar Port, lying along the Sea of Oman, is considered as a gateway to golden opportunities for trade, especially by India, Iran and Afghanistan with Central Asian countries. (UNI)