US Vice-president: Standing with people of Venezuela

US Vice-president: Standing with people of Venezuela

Agency News

United Nations, Apr 11 : As Member States laid out their views, the US Vice-President Mike Pence said that the United States had simply been 'standing with the people of Venezuela' who have been 'devastated by the Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro regime', by positioning humanitarian cargo at the border and by funding humanitarian operations.

Over a month after two competing resolutions on Venezuela failed to pass, the UN Security Council met to discuss the “very real humanitarian problem” facing the country, where close to seven million people are in dire need of aid, and some 5,000 people continue to flee across borders every day. He said that “all options are on the table” for resolving the crisis, stating that the time “is up” for Mr Maduro.

Mr Pence announced that the US was preparing a Security Council resolution “recognising the legitimacy of Juan Guaidó” and he asked all UN Member States for their support, beyond the several dozen countries which have already done so since the beginning of the year. The Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, responded by stressing that Venezuela has suffered under the weight of international sanctions and asset freezes.

“If it was true that the Venezuelan Government is killing its own people, then why is this group of countries doing everything it can to increase the suffering?” he asked, stating that the emphasis placed by the US on humanitarian needs in Venezuela was merely a “pretext of foreign military intervention” and “calculated cruelty.” (UNI)