Theresa May vows to keep UK strong and united post-Brexit
Theresa May vows to keep UK strong and united post-Brexit

UK, EU agree to delay Brexit until 31 October

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Brussels, Apr 11: European Union leaders agreed to postpone Brexit until Oct 31 to allow British Prime Minister Theresa May more time to try to get the UK’s Parliament to approve the country’s divorce deal with the bloc.

According to The Guardian, a marathon six-hour debate among the EU leaders concluded with the prime minister being offered a longer extension than she had sought but providing a new autumn no deal cliff-edge to focus minds in Westminster. "Tonight, the European Council decided to grant the United Kingdom a flexible extension of the article 50 period until the 31st of October. This means an additional six months for the UK. During this time, the course of action will be entirely in the UK's hands," the European Council President, Donald Tusk said after the council meeting in Brussels.

Speaking afterwards, Theresa May repeatedly ducked questions about her future as prime minister, after having previously said she would not accept an extension beyond 30 June. She simply insisted that the UK “can still leave on May 22 and not hold those European parliamentary elections” if parliament passes the withdrawal deal.

May also once again blamed MPs for being the cause of public frustration over the failure to implement Brexit. Asked whether she should apologise for the UK still being in the EU, she said, “Over the last three months I have voted three times to leave the European Union. If sufficient members of parliament had voted with me in January we would already be out of the European Union.”The prime minister will give a statement in the House of Commons in the early afternoon. (UNI)