Aus env minister endorses groundwater approvals to Adani

Aus env minister endorses groundwater approvals to Adani

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Canberra, Apr 9: Australian Environment Minister Melissa Price has given the green light to the Adani Coal Min's groundwater management plans.

The decisions mark the final construction approval from the Federal Government, according to an ABC News report on Tuesday. The Environment Minister was under pressure from Queensland colleagues to sign off on the plans before the Government calls the election and enters caretaker mode.

Ms Price said in a statement that she had accepted the advice of the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia, which both gave the green light to Adani's revised plans. "This project has been subject to the most rigorous approval process of any mining project in Australia," she said.
The Queensland Government is yet to approve construction as it seeks to protect a colony of black-throated finches around the mine site.
Even if construction is fully signed off, the project still requires more approvals to be granted from the Queensland and Commonwealth governments before coal can be dug out of the ground.

The Coalition has been split over the project — rural Queensland MPs have been strongly supportive, while urban Liberals have worried it could damage their electoral chances. The Opposition has been walking a similar political tightrope as it seeks to capture seats in central Queensland while holding off inner-city Greens challengers. UNI