Nasheed bounces back to power in Maldives

Nasheed bounces back to power in Maldives

Agency News

The former Prime Minister of Maldives, Mr. Mohammad Nasheed, bounced back to power leading his Maldivian Democratic Party to a landslide victory in the preliminary results that were announced.

The exiled leader led his party to victory only five months after returning to the country.

The 51-year-old Mr. Nasheed was set for a dramatic return  with his MDP headed for a two-thirds majority in the 87-member Assembly.

The  poll was the first test of public opinion since the autocratic former president and Mr. Nasheed’s arch-rival, Mr.  Abdulla Yameen, was forced to stand down after his five-year term, facing charges of money laundering and embezzlement.

Mr. Nasheed returned to maldives  after his former deputy President, Mr.  Ibrahim Mohamed Solih won an unexpected victory in September for the MDP. Mr. Yameen had barred Mr. Nasheed from contesting.

Preliminary results the MDP winning 50 out of the 87 seats, while private media reports projected the party eventually getting up to 68 seats.

Mr. Solih campaigned for the MDP asking voters to return a parliament that could work with him to deliver on his election promises in September to investigate corruption under Mr. Yameen.

While Mr. Yameen was not a candidate, his Progressive Party of Maldives was seen as the main challenger to the MDP—but ended up with a poor showing.

Mr. Nasheed was jailed for 13 years on a controversial terrorism charge when Mr. Yameen was in power. However, the conviction was overturned last year.

The Maldives was on the verge of being slapped with Western-led sanctions before Mr. Solih won the presidential election on a pledge to end corruption in the country best known for its luxury tourism.