Iran floods: 70 dead, nearly 800 injured

Iran floods: 70 dead, nearly 800 injured

Agency News

Tehran, Apr 5: At least 70 people have been killed and 791 others injured in the ongoing wave of torrential flooding across Iran, local media reported.

According to reports in the state media, four people still remain missing, while more than 791 others have suffered injuries as a result of the flooding which was reportedly caused due to excessive rainfall.
Mortaza Salemi, head of the Iranian Red Crescent, said that humanitarian aid had been delivered to 293 cities and villages in flood-hit parts of the country.

The emergency operation teams have been sent to cities of Poldokhtar and Mamoulan in Lorestan province which have been affected the worst in the floods of western Iran, Kolivand said. Since there is no access through the roads to the cities due to the level of water and mud, the aids are delivered to the people by air, he said.

Also, the medical operators are in the sites of the flood to help people prevent the contagious diseases, he added. Earlier, Iranian Legal Medicine Organization (ILMO) announced that the provinces of Fars and Lorestan suffered high flood fatalities, with 21 and 14 death cases respectively.

Hundreds of people have also been relocated as downpours and floods surrounded villages and cities in Iran. Dozens of villages have disappeared under the mud and sludge in the west of Iran. Since March 19, unprecedented floods have caused massive destruction to the agricultural sector, infrastructure and the residential areas. UNI