Israeli PM to discuss Syria with Putin

Israeli PM to discuss Syria with Putin

Agency News

Tel Aviv, Apr 4: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday, five days before Israelis head to the polls for the April 9 election.

He planned to discuss the developments in Syria and the 'deconfliction' coordination between the militaries of the two countries with Russian President. "I am leaving for another meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. We will discuss the developments in Syria as they have been adding up; … the regular and special coordination between our militaries; and other issues, important for the State of Israel," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu visited Russia for the previous time on February 27. The visit was the prime minister’s first travel to Moscow in the wake of the fatal crash of the Russian Il-20 plane in Syria in September 2018, which the Russian Defence Ministry blames on the Israeli Air Force. At the February talks, the parties discussed coordination in Syria. (UNI)