Avocado prices rocket in US

Avocado prices rocket in US


With US President Donald Trump threatening to seal the southern border if Mexico did not stop all illegal immigration, one commodity that suffers is the Avocado. Most of the US consumption of this Superfood, Avocado is widely grown in Mexico and almost 75% of the US market share comes from there.

This fruit is very popular as it is healthy and packed with nutrition. Since the past few days its price has increased by 34% according to reports. It is expected to go up further. In the event of the border shutting down, then prices could double or even triple say experts.

Americans consume more fresh avocados per capita each year than they do pears, peaches, plums, prunes and nectarines. Prices may have rocketed as there is uncertainty over the closing of the border. Besides, the 2018 heat wave in California delayed the US avocado harvest!