Mexico registers no closures of checkpoints on US border

Mexico registers no closures of checkpoints on US border

Agency News

Mexico, Apr 3: Mexico has not registered any closures of checkpoints on the border with the United States but detected significant slowdowns of transport, Mexican Foreign Minister Narcelo Ebrard said on Tuesday.
Last week, US President Donald Trump threatened to close the southern border if Mexico did not take action to stop all illegal migration heading to the United States. "To date, we have not received the information about closures of US border crossings," Ebrard told reporters. The minister added that slowdowns of commercial traffic have been registered at several crossings, including in Ciudad Juarez, according to Once broadcaster.
Trump himself previously admitted that closing the border would have a negative effect on the US economy.
On Monday, Mexican Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero said the Mexican government does not plan to adopt a special plan to restrain caravans of migrants from Central America that travel through the country to the United States. She added that the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador does not intend to militarize the country's southern border in an attempt to deter Central American migrants.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Mexico, only in February, more than 76,000 migrants, who crossed Mexico and tried to get into the United States were detained, and in March this figure is expected to amount to 100,000 people. SPUTNIK