France, Germany to launch Alliance for Multilateralism

France, Germany to launch Alliance for Multilateralism

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New York, Apr 3: France and Germany have announced they will officially launch an Alliance for Multilateralism at the opening of the 74th United Nations General Assembly in September this year. At a joint press conference here on Tuesday, the French foreign minister Le Drian said the alliance will be “a flexible and agile network of states, ready to support initiatives for enhanced international cooperation, build coalitions and consensus, in a constructive and open spirit.”

Democracy Without Borders (DWB) commented that France and Germany should clarify in more detail what the alliance will be about. “We call on them to make it clear that support of democracy will be part of their agenda. The crisis of multilateralism is also a crisis of democracy,” the organisation’s Executive Director, Andreas Bummel, said in a statement. (UNI)