Irish government on verge of collapse ahead of EU Brexit summit
Irish government on verge of collapse ahead of EU Brexit summit

Brexit: Lawmakers turned down all four options for second time

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London, Apr 2 (UNI) British lawmakers voted to turn down all the four proposed Brexit options on the table, the second time since Friday that none of MPs' proposed Brexit options wins clear backing in the House of Commons.

MPs on Monday voted down all the four Brexit proposals chosen by House Speaker John Bercow in a bid to break the current Brexit deadlock. The British government has until April 12 to decide how Britain will leave the European Union (EU).

None of the four alternatives to British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal receives support from a majority of MPs in the second round of 'indicative vote,' which kicked off on Monday.

All four failed to find a majority although the result was close for proposals to hold a second referendum and negotiate a permanent customs union with the EU.
Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay hinted the government could now bring its deal back for a fourth vote this week and avoid a longer delay to Brexit that would mean holding European Parliament elections in May.

Meanwhile, MPs also voted 191 to 292 to turn down the idea to give lawmakers power to stop a no-deal Brexit. None of the Monday votes on the proposals are legally binding, meaning it will be up to the British government if they act on the results.
Prime Minister May is seeking a fourth vote on her Withdrawal Agreement, which has been rejected by the parliament three times since January.

PM May now has seek a longer extension till April 14 from the EU to take a different course or decide to leave the EU without a deal. UNI