Bangladesh tries to get back Tk 96,000 crore of Dr Moosa from Swiss Bank

Bangladesh tries to get back Tk 96,000 crore of Dr Moosa from Swiss Bank

Agency News

Dhaka, Mar 20: A huge amount of money belonging to Bangladeshis is now lying with the Swiss Bank.

The Bangladesh government has already started process to get back the money to the country. Finance Minister AHM Mostafa Kamal said that a discussion between the two countries has begun in this regard.

Replying to a query, the finance minister said, “I came to know from the media reports that Bangladeshi-born multibillion dollar arms dealer Dr Moosa bin Shamsher has alone deposited with the bank Rs 96,000 crore. Bangladesh would be benefited, if we can get back the money”.

Meanwhile, Dr Moosa has become the target of ISI, spy agency of Pakistan, as his security people have foiled ISI’s plan to attack Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and other members of Bangabandhu family several times. Moosa cannot go outside Bangladesh for a long time fearing attack by ISI agents. His security has been beefed up and a written complaint has been lodged with Banani Police Station in Dhaka due to his insecurity.

Moosa has massive contribution to Bangladesh’s manpower business. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, father of the nation, created the lucratively rewarding freeway for Moosa to become the Father of Manpower export.

Never before until Moosa had come along, there had been any Bangladeshi manpower exports. It never even entered into their minds. That was one of the greatest developments Bangladesh had ever witnessed. There were no jobs at home to offer for people, but Moosa created millions of jobs for them overseas. Dr. Moosa said he was morally bound to protect his daughter--Sheikh Hasina and other family members.

Dr Moosa said as he along with his team prevented the ISI from attacking Sheikh Hasina and other members of Bangabandhu family, they (ISI) were angered, vowing to attack me which resulted in my insecurity.UNI