Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza after rocket attack

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza after rocket attack

Agency News

Tel Aviv, Mar 15 : The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) launched a series of airstrikes early Friday, hitting back at targets across the Gaza Strip hours after two rockets were fired at Tel Aviv.

The strikes came after an urgent late night consultation between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defence chiefs, The Times of Israel reported. On Thursday night, air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv for the first time since summer of 2014 as the IDF registered the launches of two rockets from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military then launched strikes on Gaza targets in response to the attack.

"2 rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel. Our aerial defence system successfully intercepted one of the rockets," the IDF wrote on Twitter. Earlier in the day, the Israeli military blamed the attack on Tel Aviv on Palestinian group Hamas.

"We can confirm that the rockets fired from Gaza at TelAviv earlier tonight were launched by the Hamas terrorist organisation," the IDF wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Palestinian movement said it is "not responsible for the rockets fired on the enemy."UNI