EU’s chief negotiator defines Brexit as lose-lose situation

EU’s chief negotiator defines Brexit as lose-lose situation

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Bucharest, Mar 15 : The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Thursday defined the UK exit from the Union a lose-lose situation, stressing that no one could prove any positive thing Brexit can bring.

Barnier made his remarks at a debate at the European Summit of Regions and Cities that takes place here on Thursday and Friday, at the Palace of Parliament.
According to the chief negotiator, Brexit has no added value and no one, not even Nigel Farage, key promoter of Brexit in UK, has so far been able to demonstrate what positive thing the move could bring.

Barnier expressed his regret that the British Parliament once again vetoed the withdrawal agreement, stressing that this would make things even more complicated. However, the official noted that he respects the decision taken by the majority of the British people.

He underscored that during the 18 months of negotiations, he has struggled to have an agreement with the British people and not an agreement against them.
According to him, the priority will have to be the fate of the 4.5 million citizens directly affected by Brexit, including 3.5 million people from EU member countries living or working in the UK and nearly 1 million British citizens in the European Union (EU).
Before arriving in Bucharest, the European official was quoted as saying that the EU has reached a critical point with regard to Brexit and that the solution must be found by London.

With just half a month left before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU, the British parliament rejected the Withdrawal Agreement with EU and the no-deal Brexit on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. XINHUA