Pakistan taking no action on terror: Afghan NSA

Pakistan taking no action on terror: Afghan NSA

Agency News

Afghanistan's National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib has slammed Pakistan for providing support to terror and for not abiding by its United Nations Security Council(UNSC) commitments by allowing free rein to terrorists on its territory.

Speaking at the Asia Society in New York, Mohib said, "Until we see willingness to take action we are not going to buy any more words from Pakistan on what they are and willing to say. They are always very nice. They speak about brotherhood, historical linkages, then all we see is terrorist coming our way and no brotherhood"

He said that the Afghanistan Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) which was agreed by the governments of the two countries for peace has not been implemented by the current administration in Islamabad.

Mohib who was earlier Afghan envoy to Washington said, "There hasn't been action from Pakistan and there hasn't been any interest from Pakistan to implement. There is no cooperation with Afghanistan in any aspect."

Lauding India Afghanistan air corridor launched in 2017, the NSA said, "it has opened opportunities for Afghanistan not only to increase our trade but also to give us more options to import"