Venezuelan FM lashes out at US for ‘celebrating’ amid power outage

Venezuelan FM lashes out at US for ‘celebrating’ amid power outage

Agency News

Caracas, Mar 9 : Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza lashed out at politicians close to US President Donald Trump for "celebrating" in the wake of electricity supply issues the country is facing, official statement on Saturday said.

"While the Venezuelan society has calmly accepted the circumstances that resulted from the sabotage in the country’s electric power industry, and the employees of Corpoelec national electricity supplier are restlessly working, those close to Donald Trump have been celebrating, enjoying the reckless distortion of facts despite what Venezuelans are going through," Jorge Arreaza Tweeted.

In his tweet on Friday, Arreaza referred to tweets by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, who denied claims that Washington had a role in the electricity system collapse.

Moreover, on Thursday, US Senator Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter that several weeks ago, the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed iguanas for causing damage to the electric power grid.

Rubio also wrote that he had a video of what caused the ongoing blackout in Venezuela, publishing an image of Godzilla shooting fire breath. Rubio’s tweet referred to the statement by Venezuelan Electricity Minister Luis Motta Dominguez, who said back in October that power outages in Venezuela had been caused by animals, including iguanas, getting into electric power stations.

The blackout swept Venezuela on Thursday as Corpoelec reported about a "sabotage" at the major Guri hydroelectric power plant. Media subsequently reported about power outages in 21 out or 23 Venezuela’s states.

Maduro blamed the United States for waging an electric energy war against Venezuela.UNI