Pak Oppn MP Bilalwal Bhutto derides move to push Imran’s name for Nobel prize

Pak Oppn MP Bilalwal Bhutto derides move to push Imran’s name for Nobel prize

Agency News

New Delhi/Islamabad, Mar 6 : Seeking Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan would have been a major international embarrassment for Pakistan, Bilalwal Bhutto Zardari, the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) chairman said on Wednesday.

"I would like to appreciate the government for taking a U-turn on this position as well," the PPP chairman and MP said at the Pakistan National Assembly.

If the resolution was moved by the ruling dispensation and it was not adopted, it would have been an international embarrassment that the 'National Assembly voted down the resolution', he said.

Bilawal's remarks came two days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan himself tweeted to say he did not deserve Nobel Peace prize after such an idea was mooted by a section of Imran Khan's party leaders.

Pakistan is at the receiving end of severe criticism by global community for not acting adequately against terror groups operating in that country and is virtually 'isolated' with several countries, including the 15-member UNSC passing a statement urging it to take actions.

Bilawal did some plain speaking in his speech and also questioned the incumbent government on what happened of the action against the Taliban and banned organisations.

"What happened to terrorist financing and terror related money laundering," he sought to grill the incumbent regime in Islamabad under Imran Khan.

He was critical of 'mainstreaming' policy vis-a-vis the terror groups and said such a move was contradictory to resolution adopted by Pakistan Parliament.

The mainstreaming of militant Islamists in Pakistani is linked to giving ground and creating political space for terror groups and leaders.

The issue also relates to the so-called campaign about ‘good’ jihadists belonging to the rabidly anti-Indian terrorist organisations, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) taking into the electoral fray directly or indirectly.