Under pressure, Pak Interior Ministry bans Hafiz Saeed’s JuD, FIF

Under pressure, Pak Interior Ministry bans Hafiz Saeed’s JuD, FIF

Agency News

New Delhi/Islamabad, Mar 5 : Hours after a key Indian source asserted in Delhi that if Imran Khan-regime was running a 'Naya Pakistan' there ought to be "new actions" against terror groups, Pakistan on Tuesday said it had begun a crackdown on Islamist militant groups

As global pressure continues to mount on Pakistan, the National Counter Terrorism Authority has banned 40 militant groups.

The order 'proscribes' include Hafiz Saeed’s JuD and terror charity FIF.

Sources said both these groups acted as frontal organisations for Lashkar.

The Pakistan government issued a new list, nearly 24 hours after putting them under watchlist.

Indian officials have said that putting them on 'watch list' was not satisfactory. The ban order is issued under a law enacted in Pakistan in 1997.

However, the list still does not have Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Earlier in the day, in Delhi, a key source maintained mere words would not satisfy the government of India.

"Putting them on watchlist or that actions will be taken.....we have heard these words before and have been said by number of governments. If this is a Naya Pakistan with a Naya soch (new mindset), we expect to see Naya action on the ground," the source said earlier in the day.

Pakistani government also announced that they have detained 44 members of banned groups including close relatives of Masood Azhar.

The Pakistan's Interior ministry said it was a move to “speed up action against all proscribed organisations”.