Another British minister quits over Brexit delay vote

Another British minister quits over Brexit delay vote

Agency News

London, Mar 1: George Eustice on Thursday resigned as the British farming and fisheries minister over Prime Minister Theresa May's promise to allow MPs a vote on a possible delayed Brexit if her deal is rejected.

Eustice, a member of parliament from the Conservative Party, said in his letter to the prime minister that "it is with tremendous sadness that I have decided to resign from the government following the decision this week to allow the postponement of our exit from the EU (European Union)."

The resignation came after the prime minister on Tuesday promised MPs a vote on delaying the UK's departure from the EU or ruling out a no-deal Brexit, if they reject her deal in "a meaningful vote" in mid-March, BBC reported. Eustice, a long Brexit supporter, said that he will take part in the parliamentary debate on Brexit as an independent.

"Since Parliament is now in direct control of events, I want to be free to participate in the critical debate that will take place in the weeks ahead," he said. "I will vote for your Withdrawal Agreement when it returns to the House and I very much hope that the Attorney General succeeds in securing final changes so that others might too," he said, referring to the talks in Brussels between British Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and EU officials to revise the Irish backstop.

Eustice also said in his letter that he believed the European Commission had not conducted the negotiations "honourably". (UNI)