Afghan: 40 killed in army base clashes

Afghan: 40 killed in army base clashes

Agency News

Kabul, Mar 1: At least 40 military personnel were killed while several others sustained injuries during the ongoing clashes between Taliban militants and Afghan forces inside an army base in Helmand, a local source said on Friday.

The clashes erupted after over 20 Taliban militants attacked the Corps 215 Maywand in Shorab area of Helmand in the wee hours.

"Unarmed military and service personnel are trapped in buildings seized by the militants. Troops are doing their best to rescue the people caught in the compounds," source said.

At least three suicide bomb blasts struck main buildings of the base. A senior military officer was among the killed, according to the source.

The assailants penetrated the Afghan military base after heavy snow hit most parts of the country.

The Taliban militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. (UNI)