Abhinandhan to be released tomorrow

Abhinandhan to be released tomorrow


Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman, the pilot captured by Pakistan, is to be freed tomorrow, bringing solace to Indians who have been unitedly calling for his release.

Pakistan, which had been trying to bargain using Abhinandan, finally gave in this afternoon. Pakistan Prime Minister imran Khan told the Pakistan parliament that as a peace gesture it was decided to release him tomorrow.

The Wing Commander was taken by Pak forces when he after driving out Pakistan aircraft that intruded into Indian airspace para-landed in that country's territory.

Videos of his being held in Pakistan custody went viral. India had condemned the holding up of the pilot and made it clear that he had to be released unconditionally.

Under the Geneva convention, no prisoner could be harmed and would have to be returned. Over the last two days, the entire country had been seeking Abhinandan's release and finally Pakistan had to succumb to international pressure as major powers stood to behind India.