Pak Army complains about ‘releasing of payload’, intrusion by Indian aircraft

Pak Army complains about ‘releasing of payload’, intrusion by Indian aircraft

Agency News

New Delhi/Islamabad, Feb 26 : Amid appreciation of the role undertaken by Indian Air Force in attacking 'terror camps' across LoC by former military officers, Pakistan army on Tuesday said that the Indian aircraft "intruded" from Muzafarabad sector and also "released payload".

The use of phrase "released payload" suggests - there could be huge bombing-- something which Pakistan will not admit if the impact is not big, say experts.

"Facing timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force released payload in haste while escaping which fell near Balakot. No casualties or damage," Major General Asif Ghafoor, spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces claimed in his early morning tweet.

He also wrote: "Indian Air Force violated Line of Control. Pakistan Air Force immediately scrambled. Indian aircrafts gone back". From the Indian Air Force, there is no comment as of yet but government sources say the NDA regime is committed to 'walk the talk'.

An informed source called it a '20-minute pre-dawn strike' but declined to divulge details. The actions from the Air Force come days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had categorically announced that the armed forces were being given a ‘free hand’.

Reports suggest the air strikes have 'destroyed' terror camps near Balakot. Former military officers and defence experts say the impact has been huge.

"If we go for such major exercise, it is obvious we will be carrying adequate materials to cause the bigger damage we want. So, please wait for some time. I am sure over the period of time, some photograph or something will be given out," Air Marshal (Retd) B K Baburao told a television channel.

Sources in the government said "the fact that Pakistan has admitted" suggests something big has happened and therefore unlike 2016 they could not go on denial mood.

The Home Ministry has alerted border areas in the northern and western states, sources said. Former military officers have welcomed the government decision. "Finally, I am glad Prime Minister has walked the talk," Lt Gen (retd) Raj Kadyan told a private television.

"The big message is psychological.....What Pakistan says is immaterial," he said.UNI