Saudi help of intelligence sharing shows new zeal to fight terror: Govt

Saudi help of intelligence sharing shows new zeal to fight terror: Govt

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 21: Saudi Arab's offer for intelligence sharing with India on terror activities is nothing new per se but the new understanding is that things will be made 'structured' and this will add to New Delhi's efforts to fight the terror menace more effectively, officials said.

"The offer made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Wednesday's bilateral talks in actually adding on to what we are already doing....that must be understood. NIA is already in touch with them," a key source said here.

The remarks came in the context of agreement reached between India and Saudi Arabia that cooperation in the counter-terrorism efforts will be 'enhanced' and both sides will benefit "mutually from the real-time intelligence sharing".

The two sides also agreed to constitute a ‘Comprehensive Security Dialogue’ at the level of National Security Advisors and set up a Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism.

The source analysed that there is "a genuine openness" on the part of Saudi side to collaborate with India to share "the real time that we can fight the terrorism together".

What is important to further understand is that the Saudi authorities have come forward to talk to India and they seem to understand it well that - "they are understanding the situation we are in specially in dealing with the terror".

"They have come forward and said, we have intelligence ....let us exchange it on real time basis and this will help us," the source added. (UNI)