Trump plans 'most corrupt media' award
Trump plans 'most corrupt media' award

Democrats vow to stop Trump over declaration ofnational emergency

Agency News

Washington, Feb 17: Democrats have painted Trump's declaration of emergency as evidence of a rogue president who has now gone too far. A day after US President Trump declared a national emergency — in an attempt to circumvent Congress and redirect taxpayer money to fund 230 miles of barriers along the US-Mexico border — the designation has been beset with political and legal challenges.

While some Republicans said they supported Trump, others expressed disapproval, fearing the move would set an undesired precedent or deprive other projects of necessary funds, The Washington Post reported.

Even in his declaration, Trump said he expected to be sued and anticipated the Supreme Court would ultimately decide the case. Still, in a freewheeling news conference on Friday, he attempted to justify the executive action in hopes of fulfilling a campaign promise that has eluded him for two years. (UNI )