Maldives arrests 80 Bangladeshi workers

Maldives arrests 80 Bangladeshi workers

Agency News

Malé, Feb 6: Maldives Immigration has arrested 80 undocumented workers on Wednesday, in its first operation of the year.

Maldives Immigration, via twitter, said that the status of expatriate workers was "checked on site" and that 80 were taken in "for further screening."

The first operation of the year to detect the undocumented expatriates was held in Malè today. The immigration status of expatriates were checked on site, and 80 were brought for further screening, RaajjeMV News reported.

Hassan Khaleel,media official said that the operation was held in the capital "after multiple complaints from the public."

Noting that the 80 individuals are now under arrest, Khaleel said that they "did not have the proper documentation, hence identities were unconfirmed."

He added that arrested are Bangladeshi citizens.

They are being held at the detention center in Hulhumalé, while the Immigration completes the necessary procedures to deport them out of the country.

Back in January, Immigration Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain said that there is a total of 144,607 expatriate workers in the Maldives, and that 63,000 are undocumented.

The department launched 'Operation Stingray' on 2nd January, "to minimize the undocumented migrants." It is to be carried for a one-year period. (UNI)