Canada announces $53Mln in humanitarian aid for Venezuela: Trudeau

Canada announces $53Mln in humanitarian aid for Venezuela: Trudeau

Agency News

Washington, Feb 5: Canada plans to provide $53 million in humanitarian aid to support the needs of the people of Venezuela, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a speech on Monday.

"Today, Canada is stepping up and announcing $53 million to address the needs of Venezuelans on the ground, including the almost 3 million refugees," Trudeau said at the start of a meeting of the Lima Group on Venezuela in Ottawa.

The Lima Group, which comprises 14 member states, was established in August 2017 to promote democratic reforms in Venezuela. Majority of the group’s member states have been critical of incumbent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's interim president.

Trudeau explained that most of the aid will go to the "trusted partners" in neighboring countries.

"It will help them to support Venezuela," Trudeau said.

On January 23, Guaido declared himself to be Venezuela’s interim president. Canada recognized Guaido as the country’s later that day. Russia, China and some other countries have said Maduro is Venezuela’s legitimate president. (Sputnik)