US behind Venezuelan oil: Maduro

US behind Venezuelan oil: Maduro

Agency News

Caracas, Jan 30 : Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro questioned US's motive in dealing with Venezuela and charged that their prime motive is to get country's oil and other resources.

"There are a couple of goals. The primary goal is to get Venezuelan oil, since we have the biggest reserves of certified oil in the world. We are certifying what is on track to become the biggest gold reserves in the world, we have the fourth biggest gas reserves in the world, we have vast reserves of diamonds, huge reserves of drinking water, aluminum, iron, coltan. We are a power in the field of energy resources, natural resources," Maduro said in an interview to a Russian news agency Sputnik.

He also accused United States of killing the spirit of Bolivarian history, culture and traditions which is the second goal from the sphere of ideology.

Meanwhile US also imposed new sanctions on Venezuela's state-owned oil firm PDVSA on Monday, prompting a tweet from Venezuelan foreign minister Jorge Arreaza, who said the move was “more proof” that Washington was going after Venezuela’s oil.

The sanctions provide “concrete and irrefutable evidence of the sole and real purpose of this coup attempt in Venezuela: oil,” Arreaza wrote.

While introducing the new sanctions on the Latin nation, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said they would be lifted only if current President Nicolas Maduro handed control of the country over to Juan Guaido, an opposition politician who declared himself interim president last week in a move which was supported by Washington but which many experts have described as unconstitutional.

The situation in Venezuela, which has been reeling from a political crisis amid the opposition's refusal to recognize last year’s re-election of Maduro, significantly escalated last week when the opposition-controlled National Assembly declared the President a usurper. The very next day, the assembly's president, Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself Venezuela's interim President. The United States and other countries swiftly recognized him as the country's leader. (UNI)