Tornado hits Havana leaving at least 3 dead, over 170 injured : Cuba’s President

Tornado hits Havana leaving at least 3 dead, over 170 injured : Cuba’s President

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London, Jan 28 : A tornado have left three people died and more than 170 others have been injured after a tornado hit the Cuban capital Havana on Monday.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez Tweeted " The damage is severe, so far we regret the loss of three human lives and are treating 172 injured.

Several neighbourhoods in the city have been badly affected by the cyclone, which was swept in from the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday evening, reports The Independent.

Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, announced on Monday three people had been killed, while dozens more were being treated for .

Photographs circulated online showed roofs torn off buildings, upturned cars and flooded streets in several Havana neighbourhoods.

Reports stated several districts in the city were experincing power cuts, while some areas also saw isolated landslides. Winds are thought to have reached in excess of 60mph.

Armando Caymares, from the Cuban meteorological institute Insmet, told the pro-government news outlet Cubadebate forecasters had previously observed the tornado forming off the coast.

He said residents from across the city had called to report the cyclone had made landfall late on Sunday evening.

“People heard what sounded like a jet engine and felt changes in environmental pressure,” he added.

Tornados are a relatively rare occurrence in Havana, although the city has been hit by the weather phenomenon in the past.

The most famous disaster came in December 1940 when a tornado swept through the city, killing 20 people and injuring more than 200 others in the nearby town of Bejucal. (UNI)