Russia registers 7 ceasefire breaches in syria over past 24 hours

Russia registers 7 ceasefire breaches in syria over past 24 hours

Agency News

Moscow, Jan 25 : The Russian side of the Russian-Turkish commission monitoring the implementation of the Syrian ceasefire has registered seven violations in the country over the past 24 hours, while the Turkish side recorded 29 truce breaches, the Russian Defense Ministry's Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring said Friday.

"Over the past 24 hours, the Russian party of the Russia-Turkey Commission on violations of the Joint Agreement has registered 7 cases of firing in the provinces of Hama (4), Aleppo (3). The Turkish side has registered 29 cases of ceasefire violations in the provinces of Hama (17), Idlib (5), Aleppo (5), Latakia (2)," the center said in its daily bulletin.

Over the given period, the number of areas that signed reconciliation agreements did not change, remaining at 2,518. The number of armed formations claiming that they observe the ceasefire still stands at 234.

Since 2017, Russia has been one of the three guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria. During the most intense periods of the civil war, the Russian armed forces provided military assistance to Damascus, while now, given the significant de-escalation of the conflict, they are also focused on regular humanitarian operations, post-war reconstruction and the return of refugees.