Mastermind behind Afghan military base attack killed

Mastermind behind Afghan military base attack killed

Agency News

Kabul, Jan 23 : Afghan security forces have killed the mastermind of the deadly bombing on a military base in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week, Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) said on Wednesday.

"Taliban Commander Numan, planner of a suicide attack against a national intelligence agency base, together with seven terrorists, were killed following an airstrike in Maidan Shar district, Wardak province at 11:12 p.m. Tuesday," the NDS, the country's primary intelligence agency said in a statement.

On Monday, at least 36 security force members, mostly intelligence agency personnel, were killed and 58 others wounded after a Taliban suicide bomber drove a hijacked explosive-laden military vehicle inside the compound and detonated it near the main building of the facility, reported Xinhua.

Afghan military officials pledged to revenge the deadly attack targeting the base in Maidan Shar, capital of eastern Wardak province, 35 km west of Afghan capital of Kabul.

The Taliban militant group has yet to respond to the report. (UNI)