Putin calls NATO expansion in Europe ‘relic of cold war’

Putin calls NATO expansion in Europe ‘relic of cold war’

Agency News

Moscow, Jan 16: Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the NATO expansion in Europe as outdated and has warned that it only serves to stoke tension in the region.

“We have repeatedly said that we see the NATO expansion as a relic of the Cold War, an ill-informed and destructive military and political strategy,” Putin said in an interview with two Serbian newspapers. He condemned the US-led alliance for trying to boost its presence in the Balkans.

“The policy of the US and some other Western countries in the Balkans, who seek to assert their dominance in the region, has been a serious destabilizing factor,” he said.

“This only creates dividing lines on the European continent and blatantly violates the principle of indivisibility of security. This will eventually increase mistrust and tension in Europe, rather than improve stability,” Putin warned. (UNI-Sputnik)