Drug syndicate using airline crew member as courier busted in Australia

Drug syndicate using airline crew member as courier busted in Australia

Agency News

Sydney, Jan 16: Australian police have broken up an organized crime syndicate which they said imported 14 million US dollars worth of drugs using an airline cabin crew member as a courier.

Authorities said on Wednesday that eight people were arrested during a two-week blitz in Melbourne, including a female cabin crew member who used her role to bring drugs into the country.

The alleged offenders were linked to the trafficking of 6 kg of high-grade heroin and 8 kg of methamphetamine over five months,reported Xinhua.

"This was a well-organized syndicate we know had operated across Australia undetected for many years," Crime Command assistant commissioner Tess Walsh said.

Police also seized vehicles, large amounts of cash and half a kilogram of cocaine. Australian Border Force regional commander Victoria, Craig Palmer, said the arrests display what will happen to anyone who attempts to bring harmful drugs into the country, regardless of their methods.

"Airline staffs are not above the law - they are subject to intervention at the border like everyone else and face significant penalties if they are found to be using their positions to attempt to circumvent our border controls," Palmer said.

Six of the eight members were refused bail and will appear in court on May 15. (UNI)