Hungarian court to release Syrian man jailed for “act of terrorism”

Hungarian court to release Syrian man jailed for “act of terrorism”

Agency News

Budapest, Jan 13 : A court in Nyiregyhaza, eastern Hungary, is to release conditionally Syrian man Ahmed H., jailed for "act of terrorism", after two-thirds of his term, according to a final verdict of the court.

"The decision of the Court of Nyiregyhaza was acknowledged by all concerned parties on Friday. Ahmed H. will be set free on Jan. 19 from the prison, and will be expelled from Hungary," Hungarian news agency MTI reported Saturday, quoting a statement of the court.

The man was arrested on Sept. 19, 2015, and until January's conditional release, he spent two-thirds (40 months) of his five-year sentence.

The 41-year-old Syrian was given the five-year jail sentence for "act of terrorism" perpetrated on the Hungarian border with Serbia in a clash between migrants and Hungarian police in the summer of 2015.

The court found him guilty of "illegal crossing of a border as a participant and as a coordinator of a riot aimed at enforcing the State with an act of terrorist offense, as well as in violent behavior against a person".

The prosecutors also claimed that Ahmed H. had thrown rocks at police, and given police an ultimatum.

During the legal procedures, Ahmed H. repeatedly rejected the charge of terrorist acts. He said that he just planned to help his family get away from war. (UNI-XINHUA)