Trump doesn’t understand foreign policy: Former US Defence Secretary

Trump doesn’t understand foreign policy: Former US Defence Secretary

Agency News

Washington, Jan 10: Former US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has accused the US President Donald Trump of not understanding the foreign policy regarding his administration's decision to withdraw from Syria.

"I think the proof of that is certainly in whatever his so-called Syrian policy is. Confusing at best, certainly chaotic. Dangerous, especially in a chaotic part of the world," Hagel told CNN.

Chuck Hagel was the US Defence Secretary from 2013 to 2014, during former US President Barack Obama's time in office.

"When you make a decision like he did initially on Twitter, without consulting with the National Security Council, your experts and your allies, the consequences of that decision are astounding, as he has found out the last two weeks.", qatar news agency quoted Hagel as saying.

Hagel emphasized the need to find diplomatic solutions with allies to achieve peace without resorting to military intervention. He cited the 18 year presence of the US army in Afghanistan and 15 years in Iraq as examples of military failure to fix problems. Hagel stressed that without allies, solutions would fail, and that Trump does not understand that.

In mid-December, Trump had announced that the US would withdraw its 2,000 troops from Syria after declaring that ISIS has been defeated. (UNI)