‘We will show Modi’s India how to treat minorities’, says Pak PM

‘We will show Modi’s India how to treat minorities’, says Pak PM

Agency News

Dubai, Dec 23 : Comments by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan have drawn the ire of social media in India, after a clip of his speech on Saturday was widely shared.

Speaking in the state of Punjab (Pakistan), Khan had urged the ministers to consider the status of minorities. He also commented on the recent controversy related to Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah, where he had said in an interview that he was “afraid” for his children in today’s India, said a report in the Gulf News.

“What he [Shah] is saying is what Quaid-e-Azam [Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah] had said [during India’s Partition]. When he said that Muslims would not be treated as equal citizens is what is happening in India right now,” he said during the speech.

He went on to add that the ministers had to make Pakistan into a country where minorities got equal rights and were considered equal citizens. “We have to especially show Narendra Modi’s India how we treat minorities and how they treat minorities,” he added.

According to Indian media reports, Naseeruddin Shah also reacted to Khan’s comments, asking him to focus on his own country. On social media, too, users commented on recent reports of minorities being mistreated in Pakistan. (UNI)