Taliban attack: 14 Afghan soldiers killed in Herat

Taliban attack: 14 Afghan soldiers killed in Herat

Agency News

Kabul, Dec 8 : At least 14 Afghanistan soldiers were killed and 21 taken captive when Taliban fighters over ran Army outposts in Herat province.

On Friday, a member of Herat Provincial Council Najibullah Mohebi said that the incident took place late on Thursday night in Shindand district, a report in Aljazeera said. The fighting continued for six hours before reinforcements arrived and repulsed the fighters early on Friday - but not before they had captured 21 troops, Mohebi said.

However, the But the Defence Ministry's spokesman Ghafor Ahmad Jaweed put the number of army dead and wounded at 10. The surge in violence comes as the United States is pushing for a peaceful resolution of the 17-year-old conflict, while the Taliban has increasingly asserted control over vast tracts of the country. UNI