PM Modi says RIC must push for stability, Eco prosperity

PM Modi says RIC must push for stability, Eco prosperity

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Buenos Aires, Nov 30: Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China met here on the sidelines of G20 Summit under the aegis of 'Russia-India-China' Trilateral forum.

Last time the group had met was in 2006. "This meeting today comes 12 years," Mr Modi said in the opening remarks and thanked the Russian leader Putin for taking the initiative to revive it after so many years.

"Today's world is faced with multiple challenges," Prime Minister said adding that growing geo political challenges have sustained pressure on "global governance".

"Multilateralism and rules-based order are facing challenges," he said.

He lamented that WTO's Doha Development Agenda has been stalled and on climate change, since the time of Paris Accord, nothing much has moved.

Prime Minister also said that - "We are also far behind from the goals of sustainable development".

"In such international atmosphere, it is only in fitness of things that India, Russia and China - making it more than one third of global population - should come together," Mr Modi said.

It is only imperative that the onus is on these countries now to give further push to multilateralism and ensure respect for the 'rules of international' polity.

"RIC should therefore focus on four fronts primarily. They are regional and global stability, economic prosperity, experience sharing for mutual benefits and active cooperation to deal with new challenges," he said virtually laying down the roadmap for the group - which had remained dormant since 2006.

He agreed to the suggestion mooted by Russian President Putin that the leaders of the grouping RIC whenever meet in international fora, they should meet and share views and exchange ideas with one another.

"We should regularise and institutionalise RIC deliberations," Prime Minister said adding, "I think we three nations should play global role and also push the developmental yardsticks further".

Earlier during the day, opening a new vista, Modi along with the US President Donald Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe met for a crucial Trilateral meet and held discussions on vital issues like Indo Pacific.

Prime Minister Modi also held bilateral talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping besides attending the BRICS Leaders' informal meet - which was also attended by Russian and Chinese Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping respectively.

The deliberations on Friday - especially the two Trilaterals - Japan, America and India (JAI) and Russia, India and China (RIC) and that too after 12 years - in effect mark 'recognition' of India assuming leadership role on global issues of people's concerns such as climate change, renewable energy, corruption and disaster resilient infrastructure.

Sources have said that the trilateral meet JAI - which PM Modi described as symbolic of victory and success - will be a true "reflection of India's willingness to contribute in a positive and a constructive way in strengthening multilateral institutions like WTO and trying to build a consensus on new ideas like Indo-Pacific". (UNI)