Life-threatening fires blaze across Australia’s northeast

Life-threatening fires blaze across Australia’s northeast

Agency News

Sydney, Nov 29: Fires are continuing to threaten homes in Australia's North East State of Queensland on Thursday, with thousands more residents being told to evacuate. Extremely hot, dry and windy conditions were fanning flames and making blazes unpredictable and difficult for fire crew to bring under control, reported Xinhua.

Fires have scorched more than 22,000 hectares since Saturday and are continuing to spread with authorities issuing "leave now" directives to more than ten communities, and many more on "watch and act" alert.

State premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was on the ground during the day to observe operations, taking to social media to thank residents for their vigilance and cooperation.

There is good news for residents who were evacuated and later able to return to their homes, with all properties so far miraculously spared, despite some coming just metres from the fire front.

Resident Grace Cairns told the national broadcaster, "when we left, the fire was coming down the hill and we took off because we were trying to get horses out and you could see the flames coming down the hill and I thought it was gone."  (UNI)