‘Glitchy’ machines in South Carolina ‘flipped’ votes: Media reports

‘Glitchy’ machines in South Carolina ‘flipped’ votes: Media reports

Agency News

Washington, Nov 7: South Carolina’s Richland County voters have been urged to review their final selections on ‘glitchy’ touch-screen machines before submitting final ballots amid reports of votes being changed.

Voters said the final voting submission page failed to reflect their intended vote, saying their vote was "flipped" to a different candidate, sputnik reported quoting news broadcasted on News 19 television.

Richland County Elections Director Rokey Suleman said the problems were caused by a calibration issue with the county's aging voting machines.

Suleman told the TV station that if touch screens were calibrated incorrectly, they could make unintended selections, adding that voters should carefully review the final selection page before casting their ballot.

He added that he hopes new voting equipment in place before the next general election in 2020. Technicians also went on to say that it is typical for voting machines to get recalibrated two to three times on Election Day. (UNI)