Russia-US relations complicated by political situation in US, say Experts

Russia-US relations complicated by political situation in US, say Experts

Jurmala, Nov 3: The bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington have complicated by the internal political situation in US, according to the participants in "Baltic Forum" international conference.

"Looking at this from Moscow, I can say that elites and the society in the US are so polarised that some observers describe it as a 'cold civil war'," director of the Institute of International Economy and World Politics at the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Dynkin said on Friday, TASS reported. ]

"In this 'cold civil war', anti-Russian paranoia unfortunately becomes a universal weapon for both sides," he added.

The second factor that makes it harder to improve relations with the US is the policy of the American leadership, he continued. "This policy assumes that everybody else is second-class. Maybe this is acceptable for, say, Germany, but for Russia it is absolutely unacceptable because the value of Russia's sovereignty is as high as that of US sovereignty," the expert noted.

The third reason lies in the "obvious attempts" of current US leadership to destroy the system of strategic treaties. "We all know very well that the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) expires on 5 February 2021. Two weeks before that, there will an inauguration in Washington, so we barely have any time left for negotiations," he added.

Dynkin said that Moscow considers the events in Georgia and Ukraine as an attempt at NATO enlargement. "This wave has been stopped now, of course. The cost was high, but this is the reality," he concluded.(UNI)