CIC express sympathies to Jewish community

CIC express sympathies to Jewish community

Indianapolis (US), Nov 2: Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC), expressed deepest and heartfelt sympathies to the Jewish people around the world following the recent deadliest attack on the Jewish community at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.
In the attack, eleven members of the Jewish community were killed by the gunman.

"On behalf of the many faith communities represented on the Center for Interfaith Cooperation — the Baha’i, Muslim, Christian, Pagan, Jain, Buddhist, Hindu, Unitarian, and Sikh communities — we express our deepest and heartfelt sympathies to our Jewish sisters and brothers in Indiana, in our country and around the world," CIC said in a statement.

The statement further said, "We express our solidarity to stand with anyone and everyone who is targeted for their religious beliefs. Today we stand with our Jewish community, a community that throughout history has brought some of humankind’s most precious gifts."

CIC said "We recognise that we are all connected through words, including the sacred stories that bring meaning and purpose to our lives. We are also very aware of the fact that words are used to perpetuate hatred and incite violence. Let us all commit to using our words in a way that celebrates our common humanity and the progress we have made as humans being based on love."

"Indianapolis is a city rich in religious diversity. We have opportunities every day to come together to learn about other religious traditions, to converse with others who believe differently, and to make our community a better place.

CIC said "CIC is planning few upcoming chances to learn about our Jewish neighbours and to stand together against anti-Semitism." (UNI)