Pak PM warns its nation of tough times ahead

Pak PM warns its nation of tough times ahead

Agency News

Islamabad, Oct 8: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the nation of forthcoming hike in fuel taxes and termed the price-hike a compulsion, warning people of no immediate remedy in the face of financial crunch in the country.

In an interaction with the media personnel's here after chairing a Punjab cabinet meeting on Sunday, the PM said that the past rulers pushed the country towards severe crisis and the only way out to reduce the burden of foreign loans on Pakistan and provide relief to masses was to recover the wealth, looted by the corrupt rulers in the past.
Warning the nation of tough times ahead, the premier said the government might go to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for assistance, said a report in The International News.
Accusing previous governments of looting wealth of the nation he said the PML-N and PPP were a ‘union of corruption’ and when they faced accountability, they start terming it a threat to democracy. Coming down heavily on Shahbaz Sharif and criticising his role as Punjab chief minister he said those making hue and cry over the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif, in fact, feared their own arrest in near future over their alleged corruptions during the tenure of previous governments. However, he warned that the government would not succumb to any blackmailing at all.
The PM, while responding to the allegations leveled against him that the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif was a kind of political victimisation, said NAB (National Accountability Bureau) was not under his command, it is an independent organisation, and it was also summoning him in a case, he added. “Had NAB been under me, nearly 50 persons would have been arrested so far. The speed of NAB chairman is slow,” Khan added.
Currently, he said the country was in a critical situation and tough decisions will be taken in near future. He said the burden of foreign loans on Pakistan had jumped from $6 trillion to $28 trillion. In order to cover the deficit in the sectors of energy, gas, their rates had to be increased, and to protect Pakistan from further loss, its looted wealth should be brought back.
About the performance of the PTI government, Imran said that till 100 days, it would complete its work in setting the future line of action, directions and road map, after which anyone may ask questions about its performance.UNI