Trump’s SC nominee a step closer to Justice seat

Trump’s SC nominee a step closer to Justice seat

Agency News

Washington, Oct 6: Nominated for the position of Supreme Court Justice by the President of United States Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh seems all but confirmed for the coveted designation.

Mr Kavanaugh's inching closer to the post of Justice becomes more compelling as the nominee faces allegations of sexual assault. An FBI investigation is underway into the controversial case which has made headlines around the globe.

Republican Senator Susan Collins and Joe Manchin, a Democrat, both indicated their backing for the judge yesterday.Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation would tilt America's highest court in favour of conservatives.A final vote on whether Judge Kavanaugh will join the nine-member panel is scheduled for today.

Hours before the undecided senators indicated their backing, the US Senate narrowly advanced President Donald Trump's nominee to a final vote by voting to strictly limit debate on the issue.

Held on Friday, the 'cloture' vote - 51-49 in favour - was a test of support for the embattled nominee who has faced sexual assault allegations from several women, including Prof Christine Blasey Ford.UNI