Former Peru politician looses pardon, sent back to jail

Former Peru politician looses pardon, sent back to jail

Agency News

Lima, Oct 4: The humanitarian pardon granted to the former Peruvian politician Alberto Fujimori has been recalled yesterday and he has been sent back to jail.

Just nine months after Fujimori was granted a humanitarian pardon, the country’s Supreme Court has ruled the former president must complete his 25-year jail sentence for authorising death squads, overseeing rampant corruption and vote-rigging.

Human rights advocates hailed the ruling, but Fujimori’s defiant supporters and his politically powerful daughter, Keiko, gathered outside his house on Wednesday to condemn it.

Former President Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki pardoned Fujimori, 80, on humanitarian grounds last Christmas Eve in a move widely seen as a political deal to save himself from impeachment on corruption allegations, reported The Guardian. Fujimori is admired by many in Peru for ruthlessly crushing Maoist rebels in the 1990s, ending a conflict that cost tens of thousands of lives.

But his critics say he is a corrupt dictator who was rightfully jailed for ordering the killings of innocent peasants. (UNI)