Death sentence
Death sentence

Death Sentence for 3 Iranian economic offenders

Agency News

Tehran, Oct 1: Special courts in Iran have sentenced three economic offenders to death in an alleged case of corruption, said a report in RFE/RL.

Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei, Judiciary Chief First Deputy said, “special courts have been formed to look into the case of the financial corrupt, which has in recent days issued sentences for 35 people, including three who were sentenced to death by the primary court as the Corrupt on Earth.

As per Ejei out of 35 economic corrupt, 32 have received jail terms of up to 20 years, which may lead to detachment and restitution.

While announcing the verdict, the top judiciary noted that engagement will continue to introduce corrupts and people will be supported if they want their names to be reserved. UNI